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Welcome to the website of the Standing Police
Monitoring Committee, or Committee P for short

Committee P was created in 1991 in order to provide the Federal Parliament with an external body responsible for monitoring the police. It became operational in mid-1993.

Thanks to the many inspection inquiries and the examination of complaints conducted by its Investigation Department, Committee P can provide a reliable picture of the current working of the police. With the help of information from numerous other sources, it acts as a watchdog by monitoring the working of the police forces on behalf of the Federal Parliament and all citizens.

On this website you will find information about Committee P's annual reports and other publications.

Committee P fulfils its remit through various channels, including the examination of complaints made by ordinary citizens. It should, however, be noted that Committee P is not an ombudsman and was not set up to resolve complainants’ individual problems with the police.

If you encounter a problem with a police force or if you wish to make a complaint, please read the Making a complaint section.