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Making a complaint

What to do if you encounter a problem with the police

Committee P fulfils its remit via different channels, including by examining complaints and reports of police misconduct lodged by members of the public.

Although any citizen - or any police officer for that matter - is entitled to make a complaint about the activities or methods of police forces, it should be noted that Committee P is not, in principle, an ombudsman and was not set up to resolve individual problems encountered by complainants.

Therefore, in some circumstances, you may be better advised to address your complaint to another department or body, especially when:

You have already filed a complaint elsewhere

You are contesting a traffic violation

You have information relating to a criminal matter involving individuals with police powers

Your complaint relates to a civil matter (dispute with a neighbour who is a police officer, tenancy dispute with a police officer, etc.)

Your complaint relates to another type of matter (police conduct at your home, breach of professional ethics, etc.)

If the nature or severity of your problem is such that you still wish to address your complaint to Committee P, you will find the information you need here:

Filing a complaint with Committee P