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About Committee P
Legal basis

Law of 18 July 1991

The Organic Law on monitoring police forces, intelligence services and the Coordinating Body for Threat Analysis of 18 July 1991 constitutes the legal basis for the external monitoring of police forces in Belgium. It established the Standing Police Monitoring Committee, or Committee P for short.

The following fall under the scope of this law:

Police forces (the local police and federal police)

The Coordinating Body for Threat Analysis (OCAM)

Services answerable to public-interest bodies and authorities, whose members carry the rank of judicial police agent or officer

 Persons with individual responsibility for detecting and reporting offences. Generally speaking, there are hundreds of such officials with police powers working for different government departments in sectors like the economy, labour and employment, agriculture, public health, social security and public works.

The monitoring established by the law does not cover:

judicial authorities (judges and members of the public prosecutor's office);

administrative authorities (ministers, provincial governors, district commissioners and mayors).

However, Committee P does have the power to examine the way in which the political decisions taken by these authorities are implemented by police forces or services with police powers.