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About Committee P

Committee P comprises three components: the Standing Committee proper, the Administration and the Investigation Department.

Standing Committee

General information

Committee P comprises five members, including a chairman - who must be a magistrate - and a vice-chairman.

Current membership

Johanna Erard


Guy Cumps


Jack Vissers


Herman Daens


Antonio Caci


The members are appointed by the Chamber of Representatives for a six-year period, which is renewable.

The Standing Committee is a collegial body, which means that all final decisions are taken by the five members of the Standing Committee at plenary meetings.

The task of preparing and implementing these decisions is shared out among the five members.

Support services

The Standing Committee is supported by an administrative structure headed by the clerk, Mrs D. Nicaise. The clerk, who is currently assisted by 35 administrative staff, ensures that the organisation has all the operational resources it needs in terms of personnel, logistics and infrastructure.

Investigation departement

The Investigation Department - currently comprising 48 members - is led by a chief, Mr. Kristof De Pauw, who is assisted by two deputy chiefs. They are appointed by the Standing Committee for a five-year term, which is renewable.

The members of Investigation Department P carry the title of 'commissioner-auditor'. They are appointed by Standing Committee P for a renewable five-year term, based on proposals by the chief of the Investigation Department.

In addition to the inspection inquiries covering a whole range of areas, which they perform at the request of the Standing Committee, the members of the Investigation Department also conduct judicial inquiries under the authority of the judicial authorities.

Complaints section

A complaints section has been set up within the administrative structure and is responsible for receiving, analysing and processing the complaints and reports of police misconduct, as well as making use of the information about responses to requests for police assistance stemming from different police authorities and forces.